Long Lines and Blurred Vision

I cried. I’m such a social crier. I told myself I wouldn’t, over and over again all morning and on the way to the airport. Saying goodbye to my family was hard, I’ll miss them so much.

Shout out to waterproof mascara.

But I’m not sure whether I’m going to miss my family, dog, phone data, or Target more.

My Target addiction is real.

But here I go. No need to worry about that now. My flight takes off in just a few minutes and I am just itching in anticipation of airplane toilets and an achy neck. Just kidding, I couldn’t be more excited as I begin a trip of a lifetime.

Let’s hope it’s not the last.

As for the long lines at the airport, there weren’t any. I went through in a breeze. Thank goodness, because all that crying could have made me late.

Puffy eyes are not attractive, Btw. 

See you on the other side.


αντιο σας!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    You write so well! It’s funny and real. I love you and am so excited for your adventures. God is with you wherever you go.


  2. Cara H says:

    So excited for you and the amazing adventures you’ll have studying abroad! I look forward to reading your future blog posts. 🙂 Safe travels, Emma!


    1. Emma Leverich says:

      Thank you, Cara! It’s been a great couples week abroad so far. We’ll need to catch up when I get home. 🙂


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