New Friends and Free Shots

It was like freshman year all over again.

Literally the theme of ACG student orientation. 

Imagine 120 something students walking around with lanyards and neon blue folders following the leader.

Yes. It was as bad as it sounds.

Orientation Lunch

Orientation to ACG-Deree was great though. My three favorite parts of the day were touring the library…


… yoga in the greens, and people asking me all day, “Are you from Greece?”

No. No, I am not.

Annyyywayy. Later that day was an experience of its own. Grocery shopping. While in Greece I’ve been cooking my own meals, and that requires shopping at the local markets. Where everything is in Greek.


Grocery Shopping

Nonetheless, it was an exciting and educational experience trying to decipher butter from cream cheese, laundry soap from fabric softener, and dill from thyme.

FYI. It took me 20 minutes to find the oregano.

After our shopping outing, a few girls and I ended the night with pizza and girl talk.

Fun, fun times.

Roomy Celina

Speaking of fun times, my first day of class started on Wednesday! I am enrolled in four classes: International Marketing, Sustainability of Hospitality and Tourism, Financial Management in the Hospitality Industry, and Hospitality Entrepreneurship.

Bet you can’t guess my major.

Honestly though, there’s nothing better than walking into a classroom and immediately becoming part of it’s community. That’s the hospitality industry for you. I love my classmates, professors, and class topics.

My favorite pants

Many of my course grades will be based off one final project, so I guess it’s natural that a few of the assignment absolutely terrify me however.

30 pages is a little long.

This blog post might be a little long too if I go much further, so let me wrap things up with a list of random events and outings this past week.

1. Swimming in the pool Micheal Phelps trained in for the 2004 Olympics.

2. Hanging out with new friends on our apartment balcony for hours.

Carla, Muhammad, and Richard

3. More classes.

4. Coffee date with Karina between classes.

The coffee is so strong here.

Fun fact, they have vanilla in crystal form.

How cool is that?


5. Thursday called for a girls night out.

Which included free shots from the bar manager.

North Cafe Club

6. My roomies and I enjoyed lunch at Milf.

So cheap and soooo good.


As always, there’s so much to say and so much to do, but for now I’ll just enjoy blogging with the sunset in sight.


Another sunset view
So, check out the gallery page to see a few more pictures from my time so far. They won’t disappoint.



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  1. Angela says:

    I love getting your blog updates. So much fun! I love you.


    1. Emma Leverich says:

      Love you too. ❤


  2. Melissa Williams says:

    You go girl! :Love seeing your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

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