The Weekend

Saturdays and Sundays are a gals best friend, and Fridays are pretty great too. This weekend was an amazing start to a semester in Greece, spent with some pretty great people. And not only did I try and see quite a few new things, I ate a donut the size of my face.

Best day ever. 


Here’s a quick summary of all the new things I tried or saw this weekend: I rode in a taxi for the first time, climbed Acropolis Hill, went swimming in a lake where tiny fish eat your dead skin (talk about ticklish), cooked scrambled eggs (and didn’t burn or drop them on the floor), ordered sparkling wine at an outdoor cafe, saw some guys dance on a table at a bar, bartered at a small shop for a silver necklace, and ate at the same restaurant three days in a row.

I’m now a local regular. 

Milf: Meat I Live For

My time in Greece is all about new experiences and being independent. Independence is something really important to me. I love to travel alone and get lost in the sights and bustle around me, but it can get lonely, even in a crowd. In saying that, if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, is that I’ve greatly enjoyed the company of my new friends. In all of our weekend adventures, my favorite moments and memories won’t be forgotten because we have each other to remember the best of times, and the worst of times.

Like when our taxi driver almost crashed. 


The photos I share are another way to preserve the memories made throughout my study abroad experience.

Take the next one for example. 

Dima strikes a pose.

And this one too. 


This one as well. 

At the Fish Doctor

Or my favorite one of the weekend. 

Photo bomb at its finest

And because I love taking photos.

Literally thousands. 

I’ll share a few more.

Me looking at the ground.
Vouliagmeni Lake
Lunch downtown
Ancient Agora of Athens
Smile Kalie!

Just a couple more, I promise.

Lovely yellow house
View of the Mediterranean
Interesting fact: Diesel is cheaper than Unleaded gas in Greece…
This one is for you, Mom. ❤

The mess of gibberish and photos above are simply my weekend adventures, but to sum it up: Friday night we went out dancing, Saturday was spent downtown Athens, and Sunday called for a relaxing time at the lake.

Until next time friends and family.

Or other random people reading this.

Much love.

Me, Dima, Celina, & Kalie!



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