Apartment Living

Thought I’d give you all an update on where I’m living this semester.

Not that any of you care besides my mom.

But the location of our apartment is fantastic. It’s a short walk into downtown Agia Paraskevi (a suburb of Athens) where we do our grocery shopping, lunch dates with friends, nights out, and coffee stops.

Greek coffee is heavenly, btw.

In proximity to the ACG campus, the student apartment complexes are a 7-14 minute walk, depending on which side of campus you’re headed to.

Path to class

Or if you stop for coffee along the way.

Then it’s a bit longer.

Back to our apartment though, we have a kitchen/dining room, three bed rooms (1 single, 2 doubles), a bathroom, and spacious balcony. I have three suite-mates: Celina, Natalie, and Carla. We’re on the fourth floor which has an incredible view of the neighborhood and distant mountains.

Views ❤

Be jealous, it’s okay.

Morning Tea

I spend most of my time on the balcony or with my face in the refrigerator.

To study or to nap?

Speaking of the refrigerator. 

Below are a couple pictures of our kitchen/dining room. It came equipped with most necessary cooking utensils and small appliances, even a water heater and ice tray.

Perfect for making ice coffee.

Kitchen (Obviously)
Corn flakes are very different here…

The table in the next photo pulls out to seat about 8 people. Super handy.


That is, if we had more chairs. Lol. 

Anyway, if you can’t find me in any of the places mentioned above, I’m probably sleeping.

Or not sleeping because of the time-change.

Love my watercolor tapastry

It’s getting much better though. I’m averaging 5-7 hours a night.

I’d say that’s pretty okay. 

My roommate and I share a nice big wardrobe with drawers, shelves, and clothing rod, as well as a cute little nightstand. It’s getting to be quite homey. Thankfully we get along so great.

Right, Celina? 😉

Anyway, there’s one last spot in our apartment building I’d like to mention. The rooftop deck.

What a view. 

Favorite study spot

Just kidding. One more place.

Might as well since I’m on the topic. 

I’ll tell you a little about the lobby too. The lobby has a front desk, TV lounge, and super comfy couches.

Not uncommon to see people taking naps…

There’s also a piano downstairs which I occasionally embarrass myself attempting to play a few tunes on my way to and from class.

Apartment Lobby and Hangout
Flag Wall. Hey, UW-Stout.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few pictures of the place so you can “See how I have it”, as my grandpa would say.

Night, y’all.

Oh, there’s also a gym and laundry room in the basement. Let’s just say one is more used than the other…

You can decide which is which. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah L. says:

    I don’t know ho wi missed this blog post but I sure love seeing where you are living! 💗💗💗


    1. Emma Leverich says:

      Love you. ❤


  2. Jane Holasek says:

    What an absolute lovely place you get to live in, Emma! I know it’s not “home,” but it’s nice! Continue to enjoy and have more adventures, all of the good kind, we pray! Enjoy reading your blog, even tho I haven’t comment yet!


    1. Emma Leverich says:

      Thank you, Jane! It is a beautiful place and area, I love it so far.


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