Twenty-One & Oh So Much Fun

Eínai ta genéthliá mou!


It’s official. I am 21 years-old and I…

Like every other year.

… don’t feel a tad bit different. Even still, thanks to some pretty amazing friends, my birthday was a memorable day.

Memorable in a good way, don’t worry.

In case you weren’t around to help celebrate, I’d be happy to do a quick recap.

Okay, so maybe not so quick.

Here we go.

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017:

12:00am: Champagne popped and confetti thrown everywhere.

Baes in black.

Thanks for cleaning it up this morning, Celina…

So much confetti.

1:00am: Play-Play Bar with Logan, Dima, Celina, and Jeff.

Thanks for all the pictures, Kalie!

Jeff’s hair. That’s all.

2:00am: Mozzarella sticks at Milf.

Mmm. Mmm.

The death stare.

3:00am: Skype call from sister Hannah.

Such a fun surprise.

4:00am: Zzz…

5:00am: Zzz…

6:00am: Zzz…

7:00am: Zzz…

8:00am: Woke up to many birthday wishes. ❤

Lydia, you’ve nailed it again.

Enough emojis?
9:00am: Coffee Time.

10:00am: Walked to campus listening to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

No joke.

11:00am: Class: International Marketing.

We talked about cultural demographics, FYI.

12:00pm: Lunch and cleaning.

1:00pm: Shopping with Celina!

We went back to the same store 3 times. 3. Times.

2:00pm: Bought a warm and fuzzy blanket.

Winter, bring it on.

3:00pm: Waiting for the bus…

4:00pm: Letter from home!

Feel free to send me mail

5:00pm: Homemade Coffee & Ice Cream Milkshakes.


Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee. Perfect Combo.

6:00pm: Being productive and doing laundry.

7:00pm: ‘Lil homework.

8:00pm: Blogging and chatting with sis’ Clara.

9:00pm: Skype with my momma.

While folding laundry. 

10:00pm: Pasta Party at La Pasteria with Dima, Celina, and Julia.

Love you guys.

11:00pm: Still eating pasta.

Tagliatelle noodles are my fav.


12:00pm: Ended the day with packing for our upcoming weekend adventure.

Crete, here we come!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my birthday play-by-play as much as I did, and thank you for all the birthday wishes.

And if you didn’t, there’s still time. 😉

Goodnight ya’ll. Much love.

Definitely made a mess with that one…





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