Long-Expected Visitors

Grandpa & Me

Do you have a grandparents that will travel halfway across the world for a quick visit?

Didn’t think so.

Here’s a quick backstory. A couple weeks after I received my acceptance letter to study abroad at the American College of Greece, I also found out my grandpa and Renee would be in Europe around the same time.

So what did they do?

They extended their trip to Croatia a few days to visit me in Athens! It was exciting knowing that a month after I’d arrive in Greece, I would be getting visitors from home.

Much needed I might add.

View from hotel

Back to the present time, Grandpa and Renee arrived in Athens yesterday evening, October 10th. Once I finished class for the day, they met me in Aghia Paraskevi for quick tour of Deree and a tour of my apartment.

Thankfully I had cleaned the day before. 

After the tours, we took a quick walk down the street to a place called Food Academy for dinner. Cutest cafe ever.

I mean look at the tiled walls.

Absolutely adorable

Our dinner was not only delicious, but the time chatting and catching up on life was so much fun. We talked about Greece, the neighborhood I live in, classes at Deree, back home in Minnesota, birthdays, traveling, and plans for the next day.

Dinner with Grandpa and Renee is always a wonderful time, and the night was perfect to be out and about.

Even the logo is to die for

Speaking of a good time.

Today, October 11th, we had such a fun day shopping near Syntagma Square, enjoying lunch at a street-side cafe, and doing a bit of hiking to see the ancient sites. There’s always something to do and see downtown Athens, so glad we had the day to explore.

And play tourist.

Our first stop was lunch at Palmie Bistro. We enjoyed the nice weather sitting outside while eating traditional Greek cheese pies and sandwiches.

Veggie Sandwich with olives, corn, cucumber, & tomato.

After lunch we did a bit of shopping and wandering through a couple stores and small shops.

H & M was a highlight. 

The shopping and walking about lead us up the marble streets to Acropolis Hill. The sky was a perfect blue and the views from the viewpoint were amazing as always.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

One more.

Acropolis View Point

After our little hike we made our way back to Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament building to watch the changing of the guard and catch the metro.

It was quite the performance. 

Greek Parliament

The day with Grandpa and Renee was so great. And while I may have not been the best tour guide…

Honestly couldn’t recall the name of a single building or statue.

… I am so thankful for their visit. I’ll treasure it always.

Renee & Grandpa

Love you both.



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