Marble & Mountains

I feel like a majority of my blog posts begin with a bus ride, or other form of transportation.

No bus naps this time

That’s how you get places I guess.

Today was our fourth and final ACG study abroad excursion. It’s crazy to think how my time here is flying by.

Only a few weeks to go!

Through a tunnel
Through a tunnel

For our last day trip, we drove cross country by bus to two cities named Delphi and Arachova. Delphi is home to an archaeological site famous for the oracle of Apollo and Arachova is a winter vacation spot for Grecians.

Unfortunately, no snow was seen.

Apparently, there are good skiing slopes and nice chalets in the area. But all I saw in the town were cats and more cats.

Cat: 1 of 147835


Back to Delphi quick, at the archaeological site we (about 40 students, 2 RAs, and our study abroad advisor) had a personal tour and history lesson.

Tour Group

Of which I only remember the words, Apollo and marble.

Marble building

I should probably start paying more attention to things and maybe I wouldn’t fail anymore exams…

Wait, what?

Yes, I failed my financial management midterm in case you wanted to know and feel better about yourself.

You’re welcome. Back to the story though.

We toured the museum in Delphi, saw Apollos temple…

Neat artifacts

Apollo is the Greek Mythological god of the sun and music, or something like that.

… hiked up to a stadium, and simply took in the views.

Hey there


Going back to the town of Arachova, it’s where we all enjoyed a large traditional Greek meal. As always, the Greek appetizers were my favorite.

Lunch Time

Greek salad and tzatziki sauce especially.

The main course was just okay this time. Rooster and homemade noodles. The meat was cooked nicely, considering I’m borderline vegetarian, but the noodles were bland and reminded me of a Scandinavian or Norwegian meal.

Rooster and Noodles

Simple, but filling I suppose.

We had a little free time after lunch to explore Arachova before heading home.

Whoo, hoo. Back on the bus for 3 hours.

Celina and I wandered around town peeking in and out of little shops in search of magnets and postcards.

Town of Arachova

Super touristy, I know.

We also climbed about 453 steps up to catch a glimpse of the town below. Well worth the breathlessness and rapid heart rate once we reached the top.

Views for miles (or kilometers)

I mean look.

Church up at the top

Or last stop of the day was grabbing cappuccinos before hopping back on the bus for the ride home.

My hand looks weird

So perfect.

Speaking of perfect, a trip to Delphi and Arachova was a lovely last excursion. And here I was thinking that I’ve seen so much of Greece already, what’s a couple more cities?

But I was wrong.

Every town and region of Greece is a little different and it’s all worth exploring.

I love Greece.

So, see you never United States.


In love with the mountains

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