Island Time


A couple weeks ago (or should I say months ago) was a full day adventure on the Greek Island, Hydra. It was late September I do believe.

The study abroad program at ACG plans four excursions throughout the semester.

Hydra was our second ‘lil day trip.

After a hour bus ride to the port of Piraeus and a 1.5 hour ferry ride, we (about 45 students, two RA’s, and our Study Abroad Advisor) arrived on the Island.

ISO: Motion-sickness drug.


The Island was full of color and beauty. Not to mention a ridiculous amount of cats. Which lead to stopping every five minutes so Celina could pet them.



The day was full of swimming, strolling through shops, enjoying a delicious Greek family-style meal, a little hiking to see the sites, and taking pictures of doors.

Slight obsession.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always associated doors with new opportunities or the thought of an adventure on the other side. Who knows, but I continue to like doors.

For some, kinda odd, reason. 

Back to swimming, Hydra is located in the Aegean sea near the southern tip of Greece. The water was salty, but refreshing. We found a nice spot to jump in and enjoy the waves from cruise ships coming to the island.

Pretty popular spot. 



For lunch that afternoon we sat outside with the group and enjoyed course after course of traditional Greek delights.

Everything was amazing. 

There was this hava bean yellow goo.



And a eggplant salad dip thing.

Perfect with bread. 


Stringed zucchini topped with a chicken spread, paired with a sweet and tangy mint/basil mayo duo.

Soooo good.


The best was dessert. A vegan strawberry sorbet topped with a vanilla meringue (not pictured because I ate it, and Celina’s, and the girl’s next to me. Love meringue.).



Enough about food and back to the shops and sites. Celina and I wandered around the island in our free time, finding many sets of stairs, a beautiful church, and old ruins.






Oh, and it wouldn’t be a trip without a bakery stop. Celina enjoyed a traditional Greek delight, Baklava, while I settled for my usual, Freddo Espresso.


IMG_1410.JPGWe left the island, again by ferry, early evening. It was just in time to snap a few sunset pictures. The lighting was perfect and we sat enjoying the last few minutes of daylight viewing the island from the marina.

Pictures never do justice…



Our day trip to Hydra was a well spent Sunday. One of my favorite parts of studying abroad has been exploring Greece in its entirety. So, what better way than adventure to a few islands.

Even though I spent most of the day suffering from nausea after the ferry ride.


P.S. I have decided to move to Hydra and own this adorable cafe/bar overlooking the marina. You’re all welcome to visit.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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