On the Rhodes Again

Side Note: This post was written last Sunday. Just getting around to finishing it now. Whoops. 🙂 

It’s Sunday evening here in Greece and I’m currently sitting (in a middle seat) on an airplane flying back to Athens.

Listening to Christmas music I might add. ‘Tis the season. 


So I’ve flown 4 times in the last 48 hours: ATH – JTR, JTR – ATH, ATH – RHO, & RHO – ATH.

I’d say that’s a personal record.

Sunday’s adventure was spent with Dima and Celina on the Greek island, Rhodes. It’s one of the larger islands, right off the coast of Turkey actually.

The flight’s about a hour.

Before I go into detail on the highlights of the day, I’d like to mention my favorite part.

We rented a car.

And since I’m the only one old enough to drive it… 

Whohoo! I checked another thing of my bucket list: Driving in a foreign country. And not only was it just any car, it was the cutest red Toyota Aygo.


Thank. You. Dad. For. The. Stick-shift. Driving. Lessons.

While the car had automatic capabilities, it’s so much more fun to drive manual. I swear, once you drive a manual, you never want to go back.

But enough about the car and more about the island.

The morning started with a bright and early 6:25am flight.

Well, it was bright once the sun finally decided to rise. 

From the airport, we drove to the town of Rhodes where we spent most of the day. Rhodes is located at the Northern tip of the island and has many neat archaeological sites, old fortresses, marinas, shops and cute parks.

And too many cats.


Which Celina obviously enjoy. Me? Not so much. 

To keep this post within reasonable length, let’s just talk about the day’s highlights.

Keep in mind we spent over 15 hours on an island.

After breakfast, because it’s the most important meal of the day, we began our tour of the town. Starting with a postcard stop.

I actually wrote a few and will be sending them out soon!

We walked through the streets of Rhodes World Heritage City and stumbled across Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes.

And quote, “Guys, I want a castle.” – Flynn Rider


Really though, the palace was beautiful. I mean look at the title flooring?



Unfortunately, as we wandered around the old city and fortress most shops were closed. It’s off season for tourists, but we still had a great time.


Acropolis of Rhodes was next. While it was nothing spectacular (didn’t even take a picture), Dima entertained us with a short theatrical performance at the amphitheater.



Later morning, we drove about an hour to another coastal town, Lindos.


In Lindos we enjoyed the views of the Mediterranean Sea from the top of its Acropolis and meeting a nice couple from Canada and Washington state. We even ran into a some fellow study abroad students from ACG.

‘Twas a bit windy…

After a quick lunch we were back on the road to Rhodes once again, just in time to catch the sunset by the marina.




It was pure icing on the cake to a great day.

Speaking of dessert.

Our last stop of the day was to a place called Ice Art Gelateria. It was the cutest little cafe with the best coffee ice cream malts.

Mmm. Mmm. 

Well, that was our day. Overall, I’d sat Rhodes has been one of my favorite Greek Islands. The day was well spent and so was the €39 for the flight.

Only €39!!

And back to the flight I’m currently on, it’s been rather eventful. A large thunderstorm hit the area so our flight was delayed almost an hour. Oh well, that just means one more hour spent with great friends on a beautiful island.

I’m going to miss these gals. 


Until next time, everyone.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Holasek says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Emma! What a beautiful island! Thanks again for sharing…Blessings!!


    1. Emma Leverich says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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