Thanksgiving Travel: Part 1

They celebrate Thanksgiving in Greece?

Yes, they do. The “American” College of Greece adopts quite a few American holidays.

Like Thanksgiving and… that’s the only one.

But if it makes us feel more at home, they’re doing a great job.

Because of this break last weekend, I spent 4 days solo-traveling around Italia. My trip consisted of flying to Rome on Thursday, riding the train to Florence on Friday, day trip to Pisa on Saturday, and flying back to Athens on Sunday.

And my did I not want to go back.

I completely fell in love while in Italia. There’s so much to show and tell, I thought I’d dedicate this adventure to three different blog posts.

So here’s part 1 of 3.

Rome was my first stop of the weekend, and while I was there less than 20 hours, I’d say I got the gist of the place.


Rome is as beautiful as people say and the incredible history is all there, but the iconic destination was lacking something for me. Whether it was the oddly spread layout of the city, stares from locals, or constant swarm of tourist that made it hard to completely experience the city, I’m not quite sure.

Busy time of year I guess.

When I arrived at CIA (Rome Ciampnio Aiport), I took a 40 min bus ride to the Roma Termini, which is near the city center and my hotel for the night. The bus ride was perfect for a quick overview of the area, and I sat to a nice lady from Rome who was on her way back from a girls weekend in Morocco.

Streets of Rome

After checking into the hotel and settling in, I headed out to explore. As mentioned earlier, the city is very spread out. I walked almost 18km (11 mi) in just over 6 hours. I saw many monuments, buildings, fountains, bridges, and cobblestone streets.

The bridges being my favorite. 

Perfect reflection

The Vatican was also on my list of sites to see, as well as the Spanish Steps, and other various spots along the way, including many adorable flower stands, dudes on horses, and tall archways.

Since I arrived in Rome later in the day, I saw many of the sites in the dark. Of which I didn’t mind one bit. Most cities lit up at night are gorgeous, and Rome was no exception. The Colosseum, for example, might as well have been glowing.

Amazing. (But I thought it’d be a bit bigger)

Walking back to my hotel after hours of exploring, I stopped at a traditional Indian food diner for my Thanksgiving meal. I’d have to say it will go down in history as the best and most interesting Thanksgiving meal yet.

Not a turkey/gravy/cranberry type of gal.

Spiced Rice and Chicken

I ended up heading to bed around 7:45pm on Thursday night. I must have been exhausted from the day of traveling and walking, because I didn’t wake up until 6:00am on Friday morning. That gave me plenty, plenty of time to get ready, repack, and head across the street to the train station.

Bit of an early riser…

The Roma Termini train station was bustling Friday morning. And since I was early, I enjoyed a bit of breakfast (an apple filling croissant and cappuccino), and I people watched until I had to leave.

Such an interesting crowd. 

My train finally arrived at the station and we departed at 8:15am on the dot. And then I was off to Florence…

Ciao for now!

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  1. Clara Leverich says:

    The bridge reflection picture is amazing! Looks like you’re having a fabulous time.
    P.S. your thanksgiving meal looks really good! Clara 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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