Geia sas, to ónomá mou eínai Emma! Símera spoudázo sto exoterikó sto Amerikanikó Kollégio tis Elládas gia éna exámino tou anóterou étous mou.

And if ya don’t speak Greek…

Hello, my name is Emma! And I am currently studying abroad at the American College of Greece for a semester of my senior year.

But you knew that already.

Another thing you probably know is that I am no writer. Nor am I a blogger.

So why start a blog? 

I started this blog for friends and family to stay updated on my travels abroad and as a way to share my life motto through example: Live. Admire. Travel. Inspire.

Hence the name of my blog.

To me, these words mean that I will live in the present, admire the beauty in life, travel and experience new things, and inspire others to take adventures.

Because who doesn’t love adventures.

So, without further ado, here’s to my journey studying abroad as I find the beauty in life while traveling and taking every adventurous opportunity.

Stay tuned for updates on my adventures. Greece, here I come!